Our Company’s Story

We had been involved in pineapple planting since year 2004 by initiating with N36 Pineapple that was in high demand during that period. After involved with the pineapple plantation within 2 years and exporting fresh N36 pineapple, we penetrated overseas markets by exporting to Iran, Turkey, Japan and Korea.

From the beginning, we have always been a reliable fresh pineapple producer in terms of providing satisfactory service and the best quality proven by our capability. We accomplished to hold several tenders of the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board (MPIB) as a MD2 seeds supplier.

In the end of year 2009, the market demand on N36 Pineapple had reduced. Thus, leading to our decision in collaboration with MD2 plant expertise originally from Philippines who was well experience in MD2 Pineapple planting. We converted our 200 acres land planted with N36 to MD2 completely.

Early in year 2015, Aqina had successfully obtained MyGAP (Malaysian Good Agriculture Practices) certificate from Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry which proven that Aqina had acquire all the requirement in good agriculture practice which are environment friendly, provide good safety and welfare for our worker in order to produce excellent quality of farm production which are safe and suitable for consumption.

Lastly, Aqina has successfully managed its pineapple trade for more than 10 years. This has proven that Aqina has its own experience in handling the business proficiently.

Why choose MD2Malaysia by AQINA

  • Our Golden MD2 Pineapple, which has an enhanced taste.

  • Golden shell color

  • Bright yellow flesh

  • Higher vitamin C content

  • Has replaced other traditional pineapple varieties in popularity and demand and has led to increased competition.

some of our products

best quality products

“Juices of fruits and vegetables are pure gifts from Mother Nature and the most natural way to heal your body.”

the best pineapple in Malaysia
The best among varieties of pineapple

Meet our team

Dato Tan Chin Long
Group Chairman and Executive Director
Datin Teo Siew Giok
Group Executive Director
Mr. Wong Chin Chuan
Group CEO and Executive Director
Mr. Wesley Tan Seah Ging
Group Executive Director
Mr. Muhammad Kumuthan
Senior Manager - Sales & Marketing

Certification & Licence